[Om2009] testing Release 3

Max max at darim.com
Fri May 15 10:14:36 CEST 2009


Speaking of gui things... Right now (with om2008.12) right after booting
(which takes eons btw :) I can see many colorful icons for programs I
installed with opkg (most of them useless unfortunately). One of the
icons is dialer another messages and third is bookreader.
As far as I understand after booting into om2009 I'll see black screen
of paroli (I can wait for eye-candy stuff for another year if it'll
actually start to work like a phone) which will substitute functionality
of dialer and messages icons. What about third icon - like bookerader
program that I'll install via opkg? Where do I see it and how to access
it? How to get back to paroli?
That sounds like a trivial question yet I was unable to find this info
in wiki.


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