[shr-testing] sim not recognised

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Fri May 15 12:08:30 CEST 2009

> right, everyone's convinced me. now, problem is i don't have a card
> reader, so i'll have to flash my micro sd via the freerunner. as the
> file is 270MB, i can't do that from the fr flash, so i'll be doing it
> from my desktop, over the usb connection. i'm guessing this is going
> to involve sshfs, but beyond that i'm in over my head...

my advice is, get a usb dongle that takes up micro sd -- they're cheap and  
easy. no need to play around with mmc, simply use like an usb stick.

> can i get some advice on how to do this?

well, the image creates two partitions (8mb vfat for the kernel, rest  
ext2), makes the first one bootable and puts stuff into the second.
so, basically you could mount the image on your host and work from there:
- partition the sd card inside the fr
- make partition 1 bootable
- create a fat fs on the first, an ext2 fs on the second
- copy the data from the respective parts of the image over

but unless you on a godforsaken island without acces to an electronics  
store, that's far more hassle -- and that usb dongle comes in handy rather  

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