BL-5C Nokia battery information NA, why?

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Fri May 15 23:26:12 CEST 2009

On Fri, 2009-05-15 at 17:03 +0200, Laszlo KREKACS wrote:
> Hi!
> Maybe the wiki is a bit disambiguous, but none of the replacement battery works
> in freerunner.
> That said, the battery in freerunner has a "Coulomb counter", which is
> required by the freerunner.
> All the other battery does not contain a coulumb counter (nokia bl-5c,
> 6c, etc),
> therefore freerunner CAN NOT charge it. And CANT display the remaining
> capacity.

That's sad.
> The only way to use this batteries atm, is you charge the battery
> EXTERNALLY (via an another nokia phone or external charger), then you
> put into the freerunner and use it.
> However you will not have any indication about the remaining capacity.

When I charge FR, it will be shutdown automatically.

So I have a question here, If I have charged battery with external
charger. Then I put it back to FR, will it shutdown automatically?

Cause I don't have external charge right now. Any one has the
experience, please let me know, thanks in advance.
> If I understand correctly this is only a SOFTWARE LIMITATION.
> That said, if somebody write a correct driver it can be charged this
> type of batteries too. The problem with it, is the exact specification of
> the battery is not available, and if you charge incorrectly it can even
> explode.

Ah...... Maybe I have take a took at spec. I'm on travel today. Seems it
can't work with the new battery. :(
> So writing a correct driver requires many trial-and-error, and the possibility
> to destroy the battery and the freerunner too.
> Because you need to estimate how much you already charged the battery
> (the coulomb counter says exactly how many charges it took), and the
> remaining battery indicator would be just an approximation.
> (like the 3-4 bar on the mobile phone)

Humm,  seems reasonable, does the external charge the battery other way
than FR?
> It is just a speculation, but imho writing this driver is not as
> difficult as it seems
> at the first look. If somebody spy how the nokia phone charges its
> battery, we could replicate the
> process. We should simply monitor the voltage and the current of the battery.
> Needs some simple circuit(couple of wires and a soldering iron, and
> proper multimeter).
> And based on this knowledge, somebody could create a driver.
> It is not impossible after all.
> However should take some precaution, because it can explode/or getting
> overheated,
> but not impossible.

Good news :)
> And there are some economic sense. The nokia battery costs 6EUR here, while the
> freerunner's costs 25EUR plus postal service (30EUR).

Yeah,,,,, Cause right now I don't know what type I should buy.
> I simply took back to the shop where I bought my battery. I buyed a
> car charger instead.;)

Quick way, I'll try is ASAP :)
> Correct me if Im wrong.

Thanks for all u info :)
> Best regards,
>  Laszlo
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