GSM Firmware upgrade (was: Re: [Om2009] a community effort)

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Sat May 16 10:56:37 CEST 2009

pike <pike-openmoko at> writes:
> The instructions on the Flashing page
> sound very scary, and I am not inclined
> to do that yet.
> Is upgrading the frimware required to
> install 2009/testing ? My hardware has
> been fine using QTExtended.

Upgrading GSM gives you: compatibility with all SIM-cards (and don't
forget that you might be forced to switch your working simcard to the
one incompatible with moko8 when you'll have no time to think about
GSM firmware), more robust resume on incoming call/message, proper
flow control support (less risk of data loss and buffer overruns).

Upgrading firmware is not scary at all, and is especially easy with
the uSD image prepared by Joerg.

I strongly recommend that (you can ask low-level devs but i'm sure
they'll tell the same).

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