Comments & questions abou Paroli UI design

Mirko Lindner mirko at
Sat May 16 11:32:35 CEST 2009


Risto H. Kurppa wrote:
> I really like the simple design but it must be easy to use, too, for a
> someone that steals my phone (or who I give my phone to :). On the
> other hand I'd like it to be colourful, with background image and
> everything but maybe that comes with the themes (if Paroli is
> themeable?)

Paroli is indeed themeable. Due to its plugin-nature every app comes 
with its own edc files that can be adapted which is highly encouraged.
If anyone wants to give it a go or improve the default design get in 
touch with me, I help where I can.

> * For a new user it's a mess not knowing when to slide things sideways
> and when to click on 'nothing' (=black area) to get to phonebook etc.
> I think I'd like to see small arrows on top/bottom or left/right on
> the screen when user can slide. Maybe this could be a 'beginners mode'
> and then the 'advanced mode' turns them off?

I like the idea of adding small hints and had thought about a "first 
use" mode myself. my idea included windows explaining the screens, but 
you approach is much nicer :)

> * No colours (delete, recharge, adding name)

Recharging should turn the battery icon yellow and delete should be red 
everywhere ... I am open to more color as well, although I do like the 
combination of black and white as the dominating "colors" and would like 
the standard theme to keep this focus, but then again I am no designer.

> * When there's a screen to type in something, it should read what are
> you typing in. Is it the name for a phonebook item, a SMS, WLAN
> network password ...?

That is more my fault than a design issue, that can be fixed.

> * Empty I/O shows an 'edit' button.. maybe it should be hidden and
> instead a text 'no logged events' could be shown?
That I already implemented (after reading this mail), it is currently 
still only on my machine as the commit would break other things, but it 
is done :)

> * There's nothing (no text/button) telling one should click in the
> black area to get to phonebook to select recipient in 'msgs' -> '+' or
> 'Tele'

Maybe a little magnifying glass in "beginner" mode when no number is 
entered and a "+" once a number has been entered?

> * No visual feedback of shutting down (bug #93)
hehe, yeah, that is listed just not a high priority for now

> * when not in fullscreen mode (=illume enabled), one can't see the
> used profile in the home view -> is it intentional that the top bar of
> Paroli doesn't show if running not-fullscreen?

I am fighting this since I first changed profiles...I hunting and hope 
to get this fixed.

> * could the dial volume change (AUX during call) either have % char
> with the number or a graphical scale. Now it's just a number, seeing
> 60 there doesn't tell you that it's 60% of the max 256 of Calypso..

hmm, I think graphical scale wouldn't be too readable either ... I am 
personally not a big fan of the % sign. Any icon ideas anyone?

> * The screen now has (in some views) 4 fields: top bar, navigation bar
> (next/previous), num view and the keypad.

I think I don't get the message...

> *  SMS: There's no feedback after sending a message (bug #3)


> *  The date doesn't need the | -bars in the home view: it's | Sunday,
> May 10, 2009 | - the bars just make it more difficult to read

That also depends on you liking I guess... I don't find them too bad. 
Opinions anyone?

> * renaming of I/O, Tele and Msgs in the menu (maybe to call log, SMS
> and dialer?)

Hehe, I got so used to the names I don't even notice them anymore.

> * The numbers in the home view showing missed calls or received
> messages could be bigger/colorful/something or even say 'one missed
> call' or 'new SMS received

Making them bigger I agree, we should do that. The text based output ... 
difficult as the text would need to change according to number etc. I 
prefer the numbers (from an implementation point of view as well as 

> * When shutting down Paroli the dialog asking to leave paroli in the
> background has buttons aligned to bottom left. When getting the error
> messages for failing with loading GSM&GPRS, the button is aligned in
> the bottom center. Should they be aligned to the same place maybe?
> Should the not look like E dialog but look more like the rest of
> Paroli?

I haven't spend any time in position those buttons, it is elm's standard 
behavior, so there was no intention behind it.

> * Going back or closing apps doesn't always work the same: sometimes
> there's the 'back' button and sometimes you have to press the top bar
> to go back. It's not easy to understand why there's this difference.
> And not easy to use as the top bar is hidden when using
> non-fullscreen, and there's nothin indicating I should click on the
> top bar to go back/close the app.

Apps never have a back-button, they are closed using the topbar. 
Subwindows should always have a back-button which allows you to navigate 
an app without closing it.

> *
> back has the arrow but next doesn't? why's this?

Good one, in fact I would like next and back to be icons only which 
would limit the potential translation effort again.

> Are there any GUI guidelines or
> documents telling how the GUi should be made. Like if I want to write
> an app to send my location to an internet service over GPRS, is there
> a guide how should I position the buttons? How about a checkbox or a
> radio button, are they OK to use in Paroli etc etc? Are these
> documents available somewhere?

Your app can be designed as you see fit. Using what is already available 
in paroli as in design files as well as gui classes might just make your 
work easier.

There are no documents, so you are free to do as you please. If you have 
questions or want to know how stuff currently works I am glad to help 
and we could start documenting from there.

> Thanks for Paroli, it's great! Let's make it even better!

Thanks for helping out!!


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