running google mobile applications?

Francesc Romà i Frigolé francesc.roma at
Sun May 17 18:40:35 CEST 2009


I'd like to run the gmail java application in my moko. Has anybody tried

I couldn't download the application from the freerunner itself ( woosh,
midori and dillo2 all failed) so I found this link and downloaded the .jar
with wget:


I don't know much about java but after reading this I figured out I needed
to install a java ME, so I added the jailmo repositories as explaned here and then
installed phoneME like this:

opkg -force-depends install phoneme-advanced-foundation

but when I try to run the application I get the following errors:

$ cvm -jar gmail-g.jar
-jar: Could not find Main-Class manifest attribute

Any suggestions?

Another possibility would be to run the new web application "for android and
iPhone", but is there any browser for moko that supports HTML5 or gears?

I'm using SHR testing.

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