running google mobile applications?

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> is a midlet (JME-CLDC), so you cannot start it as you would do with a JSE
> or JME-CDC application.

Thanks Juan, now I know I need to figure out how to run midlets in my moko.

Apparently there are two ways, using midpath or Phone ME Advanced:

I almost managed to run it using midpath. I had to install midpath-core and
midpath-openmoko, and then run $ midpath-launcher-j2se -jar gmail-g.jar

I had to edit the script midpath-launcher-j2se because it needs to run on
bash, and in SHR the shell is busybox.

The application started (draw a window) but then threw a
java.lang.NullPointerException :(

I wonder if it would work better with Phone ME Advanced, but it seems more
complicated. I tried to adapt the instructions you gave me but I can't
figure out what is the "midppath" in my system. If I ommit such path like

cvm -Xmx2m -Dmicroedition.profiles=MIDP-2.1
"-Dsun.midp.home.path=\phoneme\dual\midp\midp_wince" -
sun.misc.MIDPLauncher -suitepath "gmail-g.jar" -1

I get the error java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: sun/misc/MIDPLauncher


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