GSM Firmware upgrade

pike pike-openmoko at
Mon May 18 01:15:36 CEST 2009


>> Try again:
>> And if not happy, feel free to make it clearer, after all, it's a wiki...

That's pretty perfect. It got me going (and with me, I hope,
a new base layer of the pyramid shaped userbase of openmoko).

Paul Ferster - sorry I directed myself to you off-list;
I took it from your message you were holding some
responsibility for those pages. I just realize now
the wiki is *really* a wiki as they are supposed to be,
and often aren't :-)

I'll add my comments to the "Talk" pages then.
After all, not understanding the documentation is probably
my expertise :-) And thanks for your considerate and patient

yay - " D O N E "


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