Community-driven redesign / new theme for Paroli

Risto H. Kurppa risto at
Mon May 18 22:55:57 CEST 2009

Hi my fellow Freerunnerians!

OM2009 [1] and Paroli [2] (as well as opimd, FSO, Enlightenment and
all apps :) are under heavy development. For those who have tried
OM2009 (latest image is testing3, released about 10 days ago) with
Paroli have had to spend some minutes playing around with it to learn
how it works: I guess most of us tried the I/O menu [3] first and get
to a screen that only has a button 'edit' and that's it [4] [5].

I really respect the work that Mirko is doing with Paroli. I don't
understand everything what's being said but Paroli is told to be
easily extendable (.py plugins) to do almost anything. It can run on
multiple devices and distros (Currently OM2009 and SHR, Debian to come
with the new elementary or something..). At the moment it's already a
working phone application - it has passed the high standards of long
call to my mum, even overseas :). So I really see it worth
contributing to with all the skills we have.

To give Paroli an extra boost I suggest that we create an alternative
theme for Paroli.  The one Mirko & OM are writing will work fine but
it really wouldn't hurt to see some new themes. I'm sure there are
professional designers and user experts around who could use some of
the skills they have and this way also help OM: by making more people
interested in using & developing Paroli (at least I first check the
'Screenshots' page of a new F/LOSS app I find and often judge based on
what I see :)

I don't know exactly how doable it is. As far as I know, it's possible
to create themes for Paroli. I don't know what parts can be changed or
how to do it but I believe that if people are interested, it'll all
come out nicely: I'm sure someone here knows the good old pen&paper
thing (or GIMP or Inkscape :) to design a GUI for Paroli. We add some
user experience skills to give it the usability touch. I'm also sure
there are people here who know enough about themes and python to
implement the template. Maybe we even have people around who can write
us a theme switcher?

Creating a theme must not be that hard if it's well supported in
Paroli so I really believe we can do it - together. If you know
anything about design, themes or Paroli please share it with us in
this thread to encourage others.

Let's start the discussion here. As soon as something comes up, let's
add it here: - let your
imagination flow and create mockups to be shared!

Enjoy your freedom!!


ps. some thoughts I have right now:
* SMS writing in landscape mode: one small (but readable) line for
text and HUGE keyboard to be used with your fingers while walking
* What kind of effects do we have available? Fading, sliding..? I'd
like to see it smoooth & bling bling to impress my fellow Nokianians


| risto h. kurppa
| risto at kurppa dot fi

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