New Life in Openmoko Phones

Dave Ball openmoko at
Mon May 18 23:47:12 CEST 2009

Toni Mueller wrote:
>> They chose a 100% GPL layout tool, KiCAD 
>> (, which uses only text-based 
>> files     
> This sounds good, but you seem to require a certain minimum version of
> Kicad, right? Checking out from OM and running Lenny's Kicad produced
> less-than-satisfactory results... Either the repo is broken, or the
> software is. Some clarification would be nice to have!

I'm currently using 20080825 (latest ubuntu package), and Werner is on 
the svn bleeding edge - both seem to work with the current repo.  It's 
early days, and we are still experimenting with KiCad to work out how 
best to use it collaboratively - so there may be things we need to change.

Come over to the gta03 mailing list and we'll try to help with the 
specific problems you're having.


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