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Tue May 19 18:09:07 CEST 2009

rms wrote:
> The DRM locking you out of applying changes to phones. The excuse of "oh,
> its the
> phone maker/operator that does it" is a mere smoke screen.

DRM? They're just locked, you don't get root if you buy a G1 or other
similar phone. I also don't see what's a "smokescreen" about the fact that
operators won't sell an unlocked phone? It's just a fact, and that's why
it's locked. I don't like it which is why I'm not advocating buying one.

rms wrote:
> And no, an unbricked android phone does not count as Free Software since
> you're
> possibly breaking the law (in the US thanks to the DMCA, and in EU thanks
> to the
> EUCD).

Who's talking about an unbricked anything? I'm talking about android on OM.

rms wrote:
>> You think the android folks are throwing hacked binaries around the
>> place?
> No, just gladly providing the tools to remove our freedoms.

You're an idiot.

rms wrote:
>> Android is under the APL2, which has even less restriction than the GPL,
> Only on a superficial level can that be true. It has less restrictions
> than the
> GPL because the later tries to make sure everyone has all the essencial
> freedoms.
> APL2 (and similar licenses) mean that somewhere along the line YOU may not
> have
> a Free Software phone on your hands, just another proprietary piece of
> crap.

I'm sorry, I'm all for the GPL, but if I have the source (under APL2) for
the OS I'm running on my openmoko, nobody can take that away and make it
proprietary. You're just wrong.

rms wrote:
> Yes, the OpenMoko is the first Free Software example of Android (and it's
> the
> worst out there for making calls on the FreeRunner, according to the
> comments
> I've seen).
> Rui

Really? Best distro so far in my opinion. No need to drop to the command
line for GPRS/WiFi. Stable, decent keyboard, smooth graphics, responsive.

Compared to android most of the other stuff I've seen on the OM is crap.

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