Intone (0.50) Elementary based mplayer frontend

c_c cchandel at
Wed May 20 04:13:21 CEST 2009

  Ok. Here's a bug fix and minor improvement release. 

Changes :-

 * after pausing on an incoming call, Intone will now restart playing only
after release of a call that paused it. Earlier it restarted even if you
paused it to make a call and hung up that call. Thanks to Jérôme Lahalle.
 * Fixed crash on end of playlist (bug introduced in 0.50)
 * Intone now remembers your bass and treble settings.
 * It restores all system audio settings on pause and exit.

 If you change music under a folder you've already added, re-adding the
folder lets intone rescan that folder. Thought I'd mention that.

 Coming next 
 - id3 tags in the playlist ( *if* the rescan doesn't slow down too much and
the libraries are available in most feeds)
 - Option to choose between default (user selectable) folder instead of the
album/playlist paradigm

 Help needed - artwork for the shuffle(random) and loop playlist icons

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