New Applications: pyRok and pyFM

Andreas Hennig andreas.hennig.dd1 at
Wed May 20 11:08:55 CEST 2009

Hi All,

maybe some of you noticed my new applications pyRok and pyFM on opkg.orgalready.

For those who did not, i want to introduce them here.

pyFM is a two panel filemanager.

pyRok is music player. It uses gsteamer for audio playback.
- plays mp3 and ogg files
- a Library there you can choose your tracks sorted by album, artist or
- random and repeat function
- it shows all images (jpg or png) located in the directory of currently
played song

Both applications use pygame for UI.

Maybe one of you have some experience with gstreamer.
It seems that gstreamer locks up after a while but i dont know why.

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