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Wed May 20 12:17:01 CEST 2009

GNUtoo wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-05-19 at 21:56 +0100, Juergen Schinker wrote:
> About the android port of the openmoko:
> I heard There were several limitations such as:
> *all hardware not fully functional yet (wifi,calls,suspend etc...):

Suspend is fine.
Wifi is fantastic, so much better than any of the other distros have been.
Calls work just fine.
GPS and GPRS have worked brilliantly on some images.

This all may have taken a few steps back lately with the concentration on
moving to cupcake. I'm not sure how great the koolu beta 6 is, though
progress is still being made. Michael Trimarchi at
has made some great images (14.6 in particular worked very well and I was
able to use the phone as a full GPS with AndNav for the first time).

GNUtoo wrote:
> *has problem with booting:
> you need SD+flash in order to run android
> maybe using a distro on sd and android on flash+another SD could do the
> trick?

There is an sd-only setup method, forums have more details. But
yes, the usual setup is to have the OS flashed to NAND and then two
partitions on the SD card.

GNUtoo wrote:
> About the android OS:
> *Is the SDK free(as in freedom) software...I bet it isn't but I could be
> wrong...this could stop me from trying the android OS

The entire OS is free. The kernel is linux and everything else is under the
APL2, an FSF approved license.

GNUtoo wrote:
> *it could be difficult to run applications depending on glibc...I didn't
> test bionic(android libc) openembedded we also have
> others libc...such as uclibc

Yes, android is very, very non standard. Whilst it is a Linux due to the
kernel, it's cetainly not GNU/Linux as we know it. The userspace is
restricted and weird. It's pretty much designed just to support the UI and
the other java code. You certainly wouldn't be able to use Qt or GTK with
android. This may well rule it out for a lot of people. For me, it's more
important to have the freerunner as a working device that I can try to hack
at later than as a full UNIX platform. The app store is also appealing,
though I'm not sure it's available yet.

GNUtoo wrote:
> *I don't know android build system...maybe porting the android OS to
> openembedded could be a good idea...
> Denis.

That's not something I know a hell of a lot about. There is a build system
(I think it just uses make) and a toolchain available. Again, check koolu if
you're interested.

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