root almighty

Max max at
Wed May 20 12:26:25 CEST 2009

В Срд, 20/05/2009 в 17:37 +0800, William Kenworthy пишет:
> Many of your favourite utilities are present on Apple machines, so you
> cant ever use ls, rm etc. ever again ...

Nope, I can - watch me ;-)

Sorry about provoking such a huge flame - I didn't expect that purely
technical issue will bring it up.

Personally I prefer to use things that are free (as in Freedom - English
people should really invent separate words for freedom's and freebeer's
free - wwe have it in Russian and it makes life a lot easier :)
So if I have ability to choose - like with many FR distros than I'll use
free software (debian, om, whatever) instead of closed or semi-free
(android and alikes).

In case with firmware - I have no such choice but I would switch to free
version immediately if it'll come up. 


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