New Life in Openmoko Phones

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Wed May 20 14:04:29 CEST 2009

Dave Ball wrote:
> Max wrote:
>> Are there plans to change uSD placeholder?
> No - changing uSD holder isn't part of the GTA02-core plans. 
> In GTA02-core the intention is that the uSD card contains the full OS 
> image including kernel.  The NAND will only contain QI, and the 
> expectation is that QI won't need to be re-flashed regularly.  
> GTA02-core can't start if the card is missing, and there's no 
> possibility of swapping out the card while the phone is switched on.
> Thus the uSD is rather like a standard PC's OS hard drive, and rather 
> unlike 'removable' media types.
> This is how some folk are using the uSD at the moment, with one or 
> multiple distro images on an uSD card.  Upgrading a distribution, or 
> fixing a broken install is then possible by removing the uSD and 
> mounting it in a regular PC, without necessarily re-flashing through 
> dfu.  With GTA02-core, each distro can have a kernel (& modules etc) 
> it's matched to, because the kernel is part of the distro's filesystem 
> image.  This also means that our "internal storage" is upgradable, as 
> new uSD devices become economical etc.
> One thought is that future phones should include two uSD cards - one 
> 'internal' for OS/kernel etc. and one that is 'removable' for data 
> storage/exchange - although this is out of scope for GTA02-core.

Or having a special USB HUB for the OpenMoko device that simultaneously can:
- charge your device (via USB to laptop or via charger) by connecting
master devices
- connect slave devices as memory sticks and keyboards
- connect with mini USB to the OpenMoko device and normal USB to master
and sleve devices

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> Dave
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