Community-driven redesign / new theme for Paroli

pike pike-openmoko at
Wed May 20 15:18:24 CEST 2009


>> I'm sure there are
>> professional designers and user experts around who could use some of
>> the skills they have and this way also help OM: by making more people
>> interested in using & developing Paroli (at least I first check the
>> 'Screenshots' page of a new F/LOSS app I find and often judge based on
>> what I see  :) 

Which is exactly what made me move to om2009... the
screenshots of Paroli.

Paroli is very PRETTY imho, just being as minimal
as it is. It counters iphones graphical abundance
very well, yet still being comparibly stylish.
It counters androids mediocre desktop-emulation,
yet being very featurefull (optionally).

Among the wishlist I see
- paroli polished UI
and I see ideas on the mailinglist to
bring all sorts of features to paroli.

Is that the intention for om2009 too -
to ship Paroli "fancier" ? I mean, is
what I'm looking at a 'barebones product'
designwise ?

"Community-driven design" is almost a
contradiction in term. Most opensource products
are just damn ugly. A designer requires
some authority to create a consistent, stylish
end product, and authority means limitations
on the developers. I remember mails about
the 'wrench' icon in om2008 .. :-)

If anyone, I would just have a typographer
look at Paroli shortly, to make it pixelperfect;
an interaction designer to top off some usability
issues, and to give the end user some play, allow
him to change fonts, colors and background
- nothing more. Avoid application icons.

> I saw some sliding things in Paroli I got the idea of menu that'd be
> kind of mesh where you start in the middle and then it'd show where
> the nodes would take you and you'd slide to that direction to get to
> that menu and then you'd see the options there and so on..

That would be great .. as a selectable thing.
But I would smile and return to the default
Paroli after playing around, probably :-)

I'm keeping a list of a few optimisations i
can think of; i'll fill it over the next few
days; but they're really minor, mostly just
a matter of finetuning edje files, probably.

> I really respect the work that Mirko is doing with Paroli.

Second that ! Great job !


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