[Om2009] a community effort

pike pike-openmoko at kw.nl
Wed May 20 15:35:02 CEST 2009


>> How can you help?
> OK, I am inclined to try that.

So I've installed om2009/paroli
without major problems, now.

This is the distro to ship on
new hardware, correct ? The first
impressions are important then -
I do remember 'unpacking my openmoko' -
the wrapper of the black cardboard
box being just as green as the
progress bar when first booting
the phone, etc. It was pleasant
and pretty.

So I've used myself as a use-case
scenario and wrote down step by
step what happened to me as a
'new user of om2009' - my first
impressions and the hurdles I

If anyone is interested, I can mail
it offlist - or put it on the wiki ?


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