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GNUtoo GNUtoo at
Wed May 20 16:52:43 CEST 2009

> GNUtoo wrote:
> > 
> > About the android OS:
> > *Is the SDK free(as in freedom) software...I bet it isn't but I could be
> > wrong...this could stop me from trying the android OS
> > 
> The entire OS is free. The kernel is linux and everything else is under the
> APL2, an FSF approved license. 
I've asked on IRC about android SDK and I was told that there were 2
*a non-free version tight to that EULA:
*a free version compilable from source without "google stuff"(such as
I was told I had to gab, type make and then make sdk

so I think I'll try android...but I'll look first if it's tight to
google services...(I'm already spied a lot using google search
engine...I don't want to be spied more)

Thanks a lot for all your responses.


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