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Wed May 20 17:17:00 CEST 2009

GNUtoo wrote:
> I've asked on IRC about android SDK and I was told that there were 2
> versions:
> *a non-free version tight to that EULA:
> *a free version compilable from source without "google stuff"(such as
> maps)
> I was told I had to gab, type make and then make sdk
> so I think I'll try android...but I'll look first if it's tight to
> google services...(I'm already spied a lot using google search
> engine...I don't want to be spied more)
> Thanks a lot for all your responses.
> Denis.

I didn't know there was still a proprietary version of the SDK, and that
does suck a bit. The Android on Freerunner stuff builds the open bits.
Google gears library is missing, I think only because nobody's ported it

That said, I had no problem hooking up the mail client to my SMTP server. No
google account needed.

On bluetooth - that's not perfect in android on FR by a long way. I could
create a pairing with my BT headset, an the button on it worked for
answering calls, but no audio was routed over it.

To make a version for Neo Freerunner, you'll need to use the Koolu
repository as well, to get the FR specific changes they're doing. I'm not
saying it's going to be easy...
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