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Bram Neijt bneijt at
Wed May 20 17:28:44 CEST 2009

Hi Max,

I've run as a regular user on Debian, but updates would break most of
it. If you are going to try it on Debian, then don't forget the DBus
and /dev rights to be set correctly.

I have not seen any technical issues with using a normal user[1] and I'm
all for it. As far as I know, nobody has enough leadership to get a
distribution to actually do this. (If you ask me, this is the likely
root of why the OpenMoko phone sucks).

Greetings and happy hacking,

On Tue, 2009-05-19 at 13:53 +0700, Max wrote:
> Hello.
> As far as I know most (all?) distributions for FR use root account to
> run phone application and to access device via ssh. To my mind this
> introduce great security risk.
> At the same time on my Ubuntu by default root is unable to logon anyhow
> and everything is done via sudo. This lets me think that there is no
> need to use root account on FR - at least not for running phone
> application and for remote access.
> I wonder - is there distribution which tried to address this issue?
> Are there any plans to use regular user instead of root in om2009?
> Maybe using package-kit (which works via dbus btw) and policy-kit might
> help?
> best regards,
> Max.
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