Community-driven redesign / new theme for Paroli

pike pike-openmoko at
Thu May 21 02:32:59 CEST 2009


> I saw at least one person say that the current paroli UI in OM2009 is
> good, whereas I think it's at best kinda boring...

Boring ? :-) It's a bold statement !
It's just what you need to stand out.

But ofcourse, I'm all for themes and skins, too.

> And re: community design being bad - that's why I'm trying to find
> the professionals who have the skills to do it.. I guess one can't
> say that whatever a community does will fail: it must sometimes also 
> succeed, I believe :)

I didnt mean to say 'opensource people are bad designers',
but that designing in a opensource world is harder. Good design is
consistent up to very extreme detail, and its subjective, too.
That's a lot easier if someone in some team has the position
to bully other people around ...

The old 'wrench' issue is a good example of that

When I first saw paroli, it struck me. That's
one way to avoid the problem. Minimalism. That's
easier to be consistent, at least.


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