LCD Displays?

zogg zoggified at
Thu May 21 09:12:43 CEST 2009

Hi list,

i had this event yesterday. In office, a friend of mine spotted my 
Freerunner laying on the desk and said "Hey, thats freakin cool 
display!". He shared his problem with me: its hard to find cheap LCD 
displays that may be used outdoors. And i replied that community that 
produced Freerunner might know the direction where to look at.

Looks like LCD for indoors are common, and for outdoors theres scarcity. 
So, do you know any manufacturers, or at least in what direction should 
i try and look at?

P.S. Im aware that this is little bit offtopic, but this is the only 
place i know that has knowledge in this matter. :)

~ Zoggie

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