[GPS] new GPS GUI application for OM freerunner

David Reyes Samblas Martinez david at tuxbrain.com
Thu May 21 11:35:40 CEST 2009

2009/5/21 mqy <meng.qingyou at gmail.com>:
> Wild! No easy sure. But... can be done with:
> (1) a bigger background pximap
> (2) iimage rotation
> (3) curve fitting to determine direction
> (4) semi transparency as you said

> Waste energy! However, to see clearly in sun light, you have to adjust
> backlight nearly 100%, thus energy is not a problem.
> Since most road segments are straight, I recommend you upgrade your
> "supporting frame" rotate-able  :D
Well , when the path is straight there is no major problem even gps
not necessary :P, I was thinking more in offroad tracks that sometimes
 are all but straight ;)
In fact my support frame is rotate able, but if looking at the screen
on the go is not secure, biking with one hand, with the other trying
to follow the direction while looking at the screen on a offroad
track... well at least suicidal.the supporting frame   is a prototype
i will try to commercialize,   but as you can understand is a little
bit more complicated than a leather case :) I hope I can move forward
on this and report good news soon.
> I'm also a biker, but I'm doubting if it is safe to keep watching on
> the screen while moving.
And thas the reason is useful to know , in case of doubt , where is
the right path without  following  on the screen what direction your
are moving before stop, just stop, a quick look on the screen and you
know if have the follow the right or the left path in a crossover,
without guessing if the left/right path on the screen is the same as
yours :P
> That's why I develop the sounding module.
Yes is the right way when your are moving sure!
> So, your requirement can be classified as "optional", agree?
Totally agree :)
> 2009/5/21 David Samblas Martinez (via Nabble)
> <ml-user+115568-1922478131 at n2.nabble.com>:
>> Nice app :)
>> I know it should be no easy, but a feature that I miss both in Tango
>> and this is the ability to rotate the maps accordingly the direction
>> you are moving on to have always up i the screen what you have in
>> front of you. Maybe a semi transparent Compass on the scree can help
>> to not get confused. offcourse it has to be an option you can
>> dissable/enable.
>> But when you move in bike for example it can be an awesome feature.
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