Solar backpack (Solar charger)

Daniel.Li lida_mail at
Thu May 21 16:22:50 CEST 2009

Dear All,

Solar backpack absorbs solar energy and turns it into electric energy
storing in storage battery. It can charge different specification mobile
phones through corresponding connectors. 

I'm really interested in this. And I think solar backpack is much more
suitable for emergency situation when there is no electricity
outdoors.This product is easy to operate ,safe to use ,convenient to
take and fashionable. 

Solar backpack is an ideal product for living and traveling. It's much
more convenient than solar charger, as I don't wanna hold solar charge
when I'm biking or mountain climbing :) 

What do u think? Any idea or comment on this? 
Daniel.Li <lida_mail at>
PALFocus (

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