[Om2009] testing Release 3: first impressions

Toni Mueller support at oeko.net
Thu May 21 17:21:07 CEST 2009


On Wed, 20.05.2009 at 04:24:33 -0400, Mirko Lindner <mirko at openmoko.com> wrote:
> Toni Mueller wrote:
>> I thought I'd just throw my 0.02 cents into the arena. ;}
> Yeah, we want it all :)

while flashing moko11 I've just discovered that Paroli doesn't let me
set the date, but only the time. For some obscure reason, after a
reboot (all w/o a GSM SIM card), the date was magically adjusted from
May 9th to today.

Other things that I'd change if I were able to, off the top of my head:

* I still happen to not understand Paroli's UI. The battery looks like
  being empty in Paroli, but full in Illume.

* There's a strange icon to the left of the battery that doesn't say
  what it is, nor what it wants to "tell me".

* I generally like Illume better, but would like the Illume task bar
  (?) to vanish unless used.

* The minuscule analog clock doesn't really serve a purpose, imho. It'd
  be better to either (configurably) replace it by a digital clock,
  and/or maximize it when activated, like any other application, too.

* I'd like to freely configure the selection and order of apps in that
  task bar, and probably have bigger arrows to press, owing to my fat

  Btw, I've just gotten an "Enlightenment Error", SEGV.

* Illume (Paroli?) should have a "reset to factory setting" option,
  so I don't have to re-flash in case I made a mistake.

* I have yet to find out how to rotate the screen on demand.

* Suspend should be configurable to not being activated while on USB
  power. It's annoying to me that the device always goes to sleep,
  and consequently, my SSH connection goes down, while I'm looking
  something up in the wiki or elsewhere.

* After several reboots, the time has now been turned backwards for
  well over an hour. The difference is small enough to suggest to me
  that maybe the device displays what it thinks is UTC instead of local
  time (which I configured).

* After several suspend-resume cycles, Enlightenment crashes with a
  SEGV. In normal PCs, this suggests a hardware problem (bad ram!)
  unless the software is really broken...

I know that asking for wishes and not doing anything is rather cheap...

> Hit the topbar (the small clock the the top of the screen) that should  
> always get you back to the homescreen.

I've been able to pinpoint this a bit more. Running w/o a GSM SIM card,
I've entered the dialer in Paroli, typed a number, and then pressed
"Call". Naturally, no call was placed, but after that, I couldn't go
back to the main Paroli screen anymore.

And one OT remark: Often, bug numbers are slung around. It would be
good to have either full bug URLs for the various trackers used, and/or
shortcuts in the Wiki that would redirect properly edited bug numbers
to the right tracker. Eg. the user types "shr:#123", and the wiki
redirects one to the corresponding tracker entry in the SHR tracker
(hypothetical example, but you get the idea). So far, I'm often a bit
at a loss as to which bug trackers (and where) are actually implied if
I see a bug number.

Kind regards,

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