Repository management (was: Re: [debian] navit navit_0.1.0+svn-2279_armel.deb)

Marcel tanuva at
Thu May 21 22:48:47 CEST 2009

Am Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009 21:24:31 schrieb arne anka:


Seeing this - announcing a new package on the ml - I have a few ideas:
- Could we have some mailinglist-daemon which sends a list of newly 
uploaded or updated packages maybe once every 24h?
- Is is somehow possible (of course it is, but what's the price? ;) ) to 
have be accessible directly via opkg as a repository?
- What about a web interface to the fso repo on 
similarly to a synthesis of and idea #2? (still requiring a deb 
package to be lintian clean etc)


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