[GPS] new GPS GUI application for OM freerunner

mqy meng.qingyou at gmail.com
Fri May 22 07:35:23 CEST 2009

First of all, Google map and Google sat are good, but there are distorts and
offsets, at least in my region.
I don't know whether that's due to technical reason or something else.
That's why I the "FixMap" button in "Map Tile" menu. As of Google map, only
offset found, but Google stat has distort + offset, that's non-linear thus
can't be "fixed" at all.

Without good maps, any GPS GUI application becomes nearly useless. As an
author, I have to think about map licenses. The ideal way is to remove any
commercial licensed map configurations from omgps. But to provide you and me
a ease of use application, I finally decided to keep Google map and Yahoo
sat in config file :D 

Here is the config for Google sat:

def GoogleSat():
    return "min-zoom=1; max-zoom=17; image-ext=jpg"

def GoogleSat_url(zoom, x, y):
    return "http://khm.google.com/kh/v=37&hl=en&x=" + `x` + "&y=" + `y` +
"&z=" + `zoom` + "&s=Gali"

(1) You append these two functions to $HOME/.omgps/config_01./map.py, make
sure replace leading blanks with a tab latter. 
(2) Then add "GoogleSat" to map_list()

Please note:
(1) about the parameters "v=" and "hl=", version may changes, you can set hl
as your locale?
(2) the downloads always fail, it may returns a HTML page which contains
clear text redirected URL. I think that's a polite anti-spam way.

About tracking (or tracing), I accept your suggestion. I choose limited
in-memory points due to performance reason, but that may be unnecessary at
all or performance can be improved by better algorithm.

About the slow response of zoom/pan: yes, it is slow especially when maps
are layered.
I've taken considerable time to improve the response time, in-memory tile
cache is one of the solution, but I know there are chances to improve it.
I'd like to provide you and me a new version with faster UI response.

Thanks a lot!

ivvmm wrote:
> mqy wrote:
>> Hi all:
>> I got my gta02 freerunner on DEC 2008. 
>> After nearly 5 months development, I'm happy to announce the first alpha
>> release of omgps.
>> It is not as feature rich as other GPS applications, such as tangoGPS,
>> anyway I think it should satisfy most of 
>> the daily needs. Please goto http://code.google.com/p/omgps/, download
>> and
>> give a try.
>> After ten years of programming as a web developer for most of the time,
>> now
>> I join the community with my little gift :) Thanks you to open source
>> community -- for your great works and spirits. 
> Your application is definitely good one and worth using it all the time.
> But what prevents from using it for now is why is it *so* slow while
> dragging the screen or zooming? Well. May be it is not. But in TangoGPS
> it just moves the screen, when u drag with a finger and then loads PNG
> so it looks like response(somehow). And in omgps I feel like it hangs
> for certain amount of time.
> Another question. Why did you limit the number of GPX traces? Why just
> not to go unlimited?
> There is also a repo in TangoGPS called googlesat, which is better than
> YahooSat in quality. Can it be added? Or could instructions for adding
> it to omgps be posted?
> Thank you for improved GPS handling in FreeRunner! Now we have something
> to compete with TangoGPS.
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