[Om2009] testing Release 3: first impressions

Tom Yates madhatter at teaparty.net
Fri May 22 09:13:16 CEST 2009

On Thu, 21 May 2009, Staley, Daniel L wrote:

> 3.)  This is a big one for me:  When someone sends me a text message, 
> the number does not get looked up in the addressbook.  The lookup works 
> fine when someone calls me, but not when an sms comes in.  I just see 
> the number instead of the name.

is it possible that this is http://www.paroli-project.org/trac/ticket/145 
?  if so, please feel free to add a report!  not too many people seem to 
be upset about this at the moment (which is of course fair, if it doesn't 
bite them).


       Tom Yates  -  http://www.teaparty.net

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