Android call volume still an issue ?

Ian Stephen ian at
Sun May 24 16:46:31 CEST 2009

Quoting Chris Samuel <chris at>:

> I'm pondering trying out Android on my FR but was worried by some of the
> comments on the Wiki about very low volume during voice calls - is that still
> an issue with the latest builds ?

I am using Koolu's beta 6 release and call volume is no more quiet than it was
using OM2008.  Perhaps better in fact as with OM2008 I always had to turn up
the slider as soon as a call was connected while with Android the call volume
is OK.  I'm not even sure there is a way to adjust it.  Will have to look for

Battery life seems short.  With OM2008 it had become good enough that I didn't
think about charging the phone all the time.  Using Android I have to remember
to plug the phone in during the day again.

Speaker phone seems to turn off all volume, though I haven't tried it with a

There seems to be more buzz than with OM2008 or perhaps it is just more apparent
because of battery life being shorter.  With any distribution, my Freerunner
seems to buzz more when battery is low.

I haven't tried wifi or gps and observations are not quantified in any way as I
am just using the phone rather than really thinking about testing.


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