Android call volume still an issue ?

Chris Samuel chris at
Mon May 25 12:14:48 CEST 2009

Hi Ian,

On Mon, 25 May 2009 12:46:31 am Ian Stephen wrote:

> I am using Koolu's beta 6 release and call volume is no more quiet than it
> was using OM2008.  Perhaps better in fact as with OM2008 I always had to
> turn up the slider as soon as a call was connected while with Android the
> call volume is OK.  I'm not even sure there is a way to adjust it.  Will
> have to look for that.

OK, that sounds promising on that point..

> Battery life seems short.  With OM2008 it had become good enough that I
> didn't think about charging the phone all the time.  Using Android I have
> to remember to plug the phone in during the day again.

With QtEI I am currently recharging every other day (except when it 
occasionally fails to autosuspend, which a reboot fixes) so remembering to 
charge during the day would be a pain (and not always possible). :-(

Talking to a friend of mine at work who has an Android dev phone from the US 
he reckons he's got better battery life out of it since running cupcake, but I 
don't know if the same will apply with it on a FR.

> Speaker phone seems to turn off all volume, though I haven't tried it with
> a headset.

I never use it that way, so not an issue for me. :-)

> There seems to be more buzz than with OM2008 or perhaps it is just more
> apparent because of battery life being shorter.  With any distribution, my
> Freerunner seems to buzz more when battery is low.

Perhaps it's because I'm in Australia but I've never experienced the buzz 
problem (yet), so maybe I'm just lucky..

> I haven't tried wifi or gps and observations are not quantified in any way
> as I am just using the phone rather than really thinking about testing.

Much appreciated though!

All the best,
 Chris Samuel  :  :  Melbourne, VIC

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