Launcher/Home Page - proof of concept - release

c_c cchandel at
Mon May 25 13:21:45 CEST 2009

  Well, seeing as there scope for having a decent launcher / home page, I
thought I'll make one. The result - launcher is written in C and uses sqlite
and elementary. It works, provides some needed features and lacks a few.


 * Missed call indication
 * New SMS indication
 * Ability to set own wallpaper
 * Categorise applications and see them in categories

 Missing (but planned)

 * better placement of icons
 * launching feedback
 * notification dbus service
 * notification area

Help Needed

 * artwork
 * elementary related (layout mainly)
 * dbus service (maybe discuss on ML)
 * c based framework for adding widgets

Any other Ideas / Suggestions.


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