GPRS and "incall" volume adjustment OM2009 and hackable?!

Tom Yates madhatter at
Mon May 25 15:57:12 CEST 2009

On Mon, 25 May 2009, Steffen Winkler wrote:

> Is there a graphical setting application with which I can activate and 
> configure (passwd, username and provider) GPRS?

yes, there is, and it works for me.  in paroli, using testing 4, hold the 
AUX button for two seconds until the settings screen appears, then all the 
GPRS variables can be set under there (APN is the provider, or more 
precisely it seems to be what should follow at+cgdcont in your existing 
make-a-gprs-connection script).

i don't need a username and password, so i can't say these work for sure. 
but with just an APN given, mine is fine.

tap "status" to get paroli to bring the connection up; it will change to 
"active" after conn is made (5-10s for me), and the little GPRS "G" 
appears in the top RH corner.  tap again to bring it down.

> And now the second question: Voice adjustment during a call. In
> hackable, there is a slider for this, but it doesn't seem to do anything
> functional?!
> In OM2009, if I read the wiki page correct, there is already such a
> thing. But for what is it? Is it the adjustment of my microphone, or the
> adjustment of my speakers? Or both?

afaict, speakers only.  but someone more qualified than i may want to 
correct me.


   Tom Yates  -

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