GPRS and "incall" volume adjustment OM2009 and hackable?!

Steffen Winkler steffen.linux at
Mon May 25 16:08:27 CEST 2009

That's great. I'm not needing username/password, too. But in other
distros/configs I've to set " " for password and username, otherwise the
GPRS connection does not work.

Am Montag, den 25.05.2009, 14:57 +0100 schrieb Tom Yates:
> On Mon, 25 May 2009, Steffen Winkler wrote:
> > Is there a graphical setting application with which I can activate and 
> > configure (passwd, username and provider) GPRS?
> yes, there is, and it works for me.  in paroli, using testing 4, hold the 
> AUX button for two seconds until the settings screen appears, then all the 
> GPRS variables can be set under there (APN is the provider, or more 
> precisely it seems to be what should follow at+cgdcont in your existing 
> make-a-gprs-connection script).
> i don't need a username and password, so i can't say these work for sure. 
> but with just an APN given, mine is fine.
> tap "status" to get paroli to bring the connection up; it will change to 
> "active" after conn is made (5-10s for me), and the little GPRS "G" 
> appears in the top RH corner.  tap again to bring it down.
> > And now the second question: Voice adjustment during a call. In
> > hackable, there is a slider for this, but it doesn't seem to do anything
> > functional?!
> >
> > In OM2009, if I read the wiki page correct, there is already such a
> > thing. But for what is it? Is it the adjustment of my microphone, or the
> > adjustment of my speakers? Or both?
> afaict, speakers only.  but someone more qualified than i may want to 
> correct me.
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