Launcher/Home Page (Proof of concept) Working Release

Mirko Lindner mirko at
Mon May 25 17:57:41 CEST 2009


Johny Tenfinger wrote:
>> so - the question I have - should this be a separate app - or should this
>> be considered a proposal for the new Paroli UI
> Maybe your right with Paroli UI, but I, as SHR user, would more like
> to see it as part of libframeworkd-phonegui-efl ;)

The launcher in paroli is kind of its disregarded stepchild as I 
personally don't like the idea of having the illume launcher plus 
another one on top.
A while ago there was also a thread about all this. I still dont see a 
reason for a second launcher and would rather like to see an action to 
adapt the illume launcher. This would also mean that it would be 
universal regardless of the phone-app used.

So c_c how about an illume plugin that allows to communicate with the 
edje object of the filemanager that displays the illume launcher?

I would gladly work on the edc files needed for all this and drop the 
paroli launcher. However still retaining the big clock or provide an 
easy way to switch it on or off.

My 2 cents as they they.


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