Launcher/Home Page (Proof of concept) Working App Release 0.11

c_c cchandel at
Mon May 25 18:27:19 CEST 2009

  Well I agree with Mirko Lindner. Illume should ideally handle all this by
itself. And then that becomes the universal solution too.
  On one of these threads, Raster said he was looking at cleaning up Illume.
I guess he hasn't gotten around to doing that.
  I'm looking at this as a ty solution, but as we've seen with the software
here, sometimes ty solutions are all we have.
  I've taken a look at Illume's code, and I don't really understand a lot of
it. But from what I gather, in order to handle categories and a separate
home screen - Illume will need some changes. While I'm wiling to spend time
hacking about on Illume, I thought an interim solution was needed. And
that's how this app got made. Actually, I'm reusing a lot of the code I'd
written for my tasks app - so I got to do this in 2 days. 
  Now, if the community feels this app is fine - I'll continue programming.
Anyways, I've gotten a few ideas here that I can use for the Illume hack.
  Also, SHR can use this right away, since they don't have any launcher. And
as the name suggests, this was meant to be more of a SHR specific solution -
but it does have its uses elsewhere too :-).

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