Launcher/Home Page (Proof of concept) Working Release

Marcin Ćwikła jahckal at
Mon May 25 23:07:29 CEST 2009

c_c pisze:
> Hi,
> @jahckal - can you run it from a terminal and tell me what error it gives?
> I'm running it on shr-unstable - and it euns fine. Of course - there will be
> bugs :-) at this stage.

It says nothing :-(
Just "Segmantation fault".
When i try to choose Set Application, i see Application as a title of 
the screen and line with sth like "@hh@@@@" etc. and it closes with 
Segmentation fault.
Maybe it's sth with my /usr/share/application? I'm using Sortdesk on 
illume desktop.
But if it is only my case maybe this is my earlier  issue of "dirty 
hacks" with new e-libs names and symlink..
So if you won't find anything i will give it a try in a future.
Oh, and i'm using your latest binary now.

Johny Tenfinger pisze:
 > Maybe your right with Paroli UI, but I, as SHR user, would more like
 > to see it as part of libframeworkd-phonegui-efl ;)

Me too. I like concept very much and think that it would be great thing 
to keep all SHR phone application together.
So keep good work, thanks.

I would prefer list of categories not to be centered on the screen. I 
think left allign (but in the center, not left edge of the screen) would 
be better. Or maybe the same size of buttons for any category? So big to 
let you have your edited categories fully seen. Maybe 10 or even more 
signs. Rest cut with "."
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