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Steve Mosher steve at
Tue May 26 19:00:18 CEST 2009


   As you can well imagine Sean and I are working on an official 
statement. This time around a lot
   more is involved than just us writing post so please be patient. This 
week is pretty hectic for me
  and Sean, I'm travelling out of town today ( SF) and then I'll be back 
for an Android conference on
  wensday and thursday.


Vasco Névoa wrote:
> Hey, take it easy, stop going berserk, and wait for the announcement.
> They will talk to us when they're good and ready, so save your energy for then, and stop raising confusion.
> Be civilised. Be smart. Be silent (until necessary).
> Citando Moko Mania <mokom302 at>: 
>> "we are very much alive and well -- That's official. Thanks for caring"   is this MokoSarcasm? According to Whoiswho on the wiki almost everybody got laid off. Is the design team behind the layoffs? Are you part of the design team that took our raster already? If it's true then there is no more kernel support, no more software releases. How about customer support?   Who is alive and well? The design team that cannot even design a simple functioning phone UI? Is your statement the only official statement we will hear for how long? Please don't tell me that everybody who ever did anything good for the community was fired.
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