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No, I was not being sarcastic.  People were saying their 'thank you goodbyes' so I wanted to clarify that we are still here, and there is lots of work to do.  

I do not know Sven and I never saw him in the office, but he has every right to interpret and share what he heard.  Yes, there were layoffs.  There are just enough people remaining to keep things going (literally) and Sean chose to do so over shutting everything down.  Please try to see things from that perspective instead of siding with the more negative aspects.  Tomorrow, what remains of us, will go to work and continue to deliver solid FR hardware, provide re-work solutions and run servers for our customers.  If you feel that is not enough than please jump in and get your hands dirty.  The idea of an open phone started out as a revolution -- now pick up your sticks and fight if you want it to happen. 


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On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 05:38:48PM +0200, Andreas Fischer wrote:
> Michael Fisher wrote:
> > hmmm, let's see here whom should I believe? A customer/user observing an
> > empty office and talk of a layoff or waiting for the company to come up
> > with the 'correct' words to describe the situation in order to lead us
> > further into a big empty hole?
> Since OM didn't yet reply officially, there is nothing to "believe". So
> the question is rather: Do you believe a customer observing a situation
> out of context without hearing the other side first?

It seems to be down to the CEO, a Design Manager and a Hardware Manager.

Either the company had lots of MIA in the Who_is_Who page, or right now
they may not have enough time to present their side :(


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