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Tue May 26 20:07:13 CEST 2009

2009/5/26 William Lai <will at>

> No, I was not being sarcastic.  People were saying their 'thank you
> goodbyes' so I wanted to clarify that we are still here, and there is lots
> of work to do.
> I do not know Sven and I never saw him in the office, but he has every
> right to interpret and share what he heard.  Yes, there were layoffs.  There
> are just enough people remaining to keep things going (literally) and Sean
> chose to do so over shutting everything down.  Please try to see things from
> that perspective instead of siding with the more negative aspects.
>  Tomorrow, what remains of us, will go to work and continue to deliver solid
> FR hardware, provide re-work solutions and run servers for our customers.
>  If you feel that is not enough than please jump in and get your hands
> dirty.  The idea of an open phone started out as a revolution -- now pick up
> your sticks and fight if you want it to happen.

Hurrah! *That's* the spirit!
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