tangogps0.9.6 - mod: persists trip data, adds multiple trips

Bep Verberk verdebreuk at gmail.com
Wed May 27 18:51:54 CEST 2009

This is a mod for  tangogps. It

1) persists the Trip data, and

2) adds multiple independent trips (5).

I use tangogps on my neo for an odometer in my old car. I wanted to
have a separate trip settings for oil changes, and, since the fuel
gauge doesn't work,  for petrol  fill-ups.

The changes are made to tangogps-0.9.6

Here is a src patch

and here is a complete openmoko package binary

A few usability notes:

Without this update tangogps starts the trip counter by default. With
this mod there are now 5 separate trip counters - all are OFF by

Cycle through the separate trip counters using a new NEXT button.

When you first start up tangogps, cycle through the trip counters and
turn on the ones you want running for your current trip.

Starting, Stopping, and Reseting a trip counter works the same as
before with the caveat that the operation only affects the trip
counter currently displayed on the screen.

I hope someone else may find my changes useful.

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