OM2009t4: failure to suspend

Hans Zimmerman hans at
Wed May 27 22:04:27 CEST 2009

Tom Yates wrote:
> on the whole, i'm very happy with 2009t4.  it works well for me as a 
> phone, the audio control is good, i have little echo reported (generally), 
> and paroli is really growing on me (thanks, mirko).
> my bugbear is failure-to-suspend, which happens after nearly every 
> incoming call, and because the phone will then suspend neither on quick- 
> push-of-power-button nor idle-timeout, it rapidly runs out of battery.
> so in practice i have to reboot after most incoming calls.
> does anyone else get this?

I do not have that many incoming calls but have experienced Om2009 not 
suspending again. I don't have any idea what the problem is.
I also have another cool one, suspend while a call is in progress :s


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