[Shr-User] [SHR] Podboy (0.0.1 - pre-alpha release)

Valery Febvre vfebvre at easter-eggs.com
Wed May 27 23:49:19 CEST 2009

Russell Hay wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Podboy on my morning commute now (SHR-testing) - much 
> appreciated! Two observations though..
>  - the image file associated with the rss feed isn't scaled properly in 
> some cases and expands all the dialogs off the visible screen area... 
> the example that immediately comes to mind is the rss feed for the linux 
> link tech show.

Scaling seems to be buggy with PNG covers :-( I don't know why.
To fix the problem, you can convert PNG cover into JPG (but keeps the 
same name techshow-slackware1.png)

>  - after an incoming call, the audio resumes, but only the audio on the 
> Right hand side... left hand audio remains mute, but appears to come out 
> of the unit itself?

Do you speak about speaker(s) ? Isn't it mono ?

> Finally - and somewhat off-topic, it doesn't appear as though the wired 
> headset is usable for receiving incomming calls - so there's a bit of a 
> scrabble around to take calls! I'll hunt around for any fixes for that..
> again though - great app!
> Russ


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