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Thu May 28 05:02:42 CEST 2009


Michael Zanetti wrote:
>>Here is a quick mockup about how I could imagine it.
>>Anyways, you are the author, you decide.
>>This is just an Idea that I'd like to share with you.
  Thanks for the mockup. I quite like it - and it definitely makes better
use of the space available. Moving the clock up actually might save enough
space so that with the toolbar I actually still have the same amount of free
space available for the icons. Ok - watch for a release today with your

  @jahckal - I already have a tasks app - and I'm working on the integration
part. Actually I'm working on a service that would allow any app to post
messages to the home screen using dbus. Just that my understanding of dbus
is a little shaky - so its taking time. But I'm aiming at the service by

  As far as transparent icons are concerned - it wont take much coding. But
I'm having trouble resizing the icon widgets in elementary. I can resize
photo widgets easily - so I'm using them - hence the white backing.
  Can some elementary guru help? How do I resize an elm_icon? Can't seem to
find an example :-(

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