New qwo version 0.5

Charles Clément caratorn at
Sat May 30 02:25:06 CEST 2009


A new version of qwo, 0.5 has been released. The main difference with
the previous version is color support. User can now specify the colors
to be used as foreground, background and for the lines.

Some gestures that would lead to print ? have been replaced with
appropriate letters if extending the gesture past one region.

You can download the source and binary packages, including for the dependencies,

More information available on the project page:

I would like to thank Richard Kralovic and Yaroslav Halchenko for their

Here's the ChangeLog entry:

	* Add Support fot user defined colors for letters, background and grid
	* Add redundant letters in unused spot instead of ?
	(Thanks to Richard Kralovic)
	* Fix bug issuing a 5 when releasing a shift gesture in center region
	(Thanks to Richard Kralovic)

	* Update libconfig support to latest 1.3.2 version

	* Remove gnome-common dependency
	* Remove imlib2-config call in
	* Remove deprecated Encoding key in desktop file
	* Remove double header inclusion

Charles Clément.

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