[Android] Koolu Beta7 was: Some problems with Android on GTA02

Chris Samuel chris at csamuel.org
Sun May 31 01:58:06 CEST 2009

On Thu, 28 May 2009 09:56:41 pm Chris Samuel wrote:

> I found that with both beta7 and beta6 that all calls were automatically
> diverted to voicemail and if I tried to change that in the Android call
> forwarding settings I would get the message that it was sending the new
> settings to the network and then, a while later, I'd get a message saying
> that there had been an unexpected response from the network. :-(

I had a query from Brian at Koolu about the logcat -b radio output and I've 
passed that information, but for the rest this seems to be where the issue 

D/RILJ    (  893): [0083]> SET_CALL_FORWARD 0 0 10
D/RIL     (  785): onRequest: SET_CALL_FORWARD
D/AT      (  785): MUX[1]> AT+CCFC=0,0,"61414121000",129,1
D/AT      (  785): MUX[1]< +CME ERROR: 4
D/RILJ    (  893): [0083]< SET_CALL_FORWARD error: 
com.android.internal.telephony.gsm.CommandException: GENERIC_FAILURE

Apparently CME ERROR 4 is an "operation not supported" error, so I'm not quite 
sure what's going on there! :-)

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