QT Improved - sms messages stop being received

Franky Van Liedekerke liedekef at telenet.be
Sun May 31 13:06:08 CEST 2009

On Sun, 31 May 2009 18:07:48 +1200
Glen Ogilvie <nelg at linuxsolutions.co.nz> wrote:

> Hi Franky
> Thanks for the tip about activating the predictive dictionary.
> I've just been watching the installer, and it cannot download:
> http://www.e-dynamics.be/openmoko/mplayer-glamo.config
> Can you check the permissions on the server for this file?

hmmm ... it seems my provider refuses to serve files ending in
".config", so I renamed it to mplayer-glamo.conf. Download that file
and put it in /home/root/.mplayer/config
> That, and bluez-audio + bluez-utils packages are not in the
> repostories it configures, so the is a bunch of bluetooth errors.

yeah, it seems bluez3 has been removed from the repositories, so I can
no longer downgrade to that. As a result, bluetooth is not working for
I don't get it though, I've asked very politely to include bluez3
again, but got no response at all. Even if bluez4 is the standard, it
should be no trouble to still provide bluez3 ...

For now: both things have been adapted in the install script as well.
Btw: unwillingly, you're on the newest version, containing some new
apps, games, gqsync, etc ... tomorrow I will recompile for the latest
codefixes and then release the new version to the world.


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