Internal pressure sensor

Baruch Even baruch at
Thu Oct 1 09:03:19 CEST 2009

Jeff Sadowski wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 4:18 PM, Mikhail Umorin <mikeumo at> wrote:
>> On Wednesday 30 September 2009 16:18:51 Christoph Mair wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I successfully added a pressure sensor to my Freerunner. The BMP085 chip
>>> from Bosch Sensortec is a small (5x5x1.5mm) chip which includes a pressure
>>> and a temperature sensor. Power and I2C is enough to get it working. I
>>> glued it next to the BT antenna. The wiki page contains some pictures:
>>> Sourcecode is available from
>>> board/bmp085
>>> Christoph
>> Cool!
>> can be very helpful during mountain hiking (not that GPS does not help already
>> -- but it may not be always available)
> I'm wondering how much battery it draws probably not much but for
> backing trips it might not be all that useful.
> Bring extra charged batteries? What do others do for backpacking
> trips. Seems all cellphones eat batteries and aren't smart enough to
> stop searching for a signal when there is none.

In shr-settings you can set the GSM to off and conserve batteries this way.

When GSM is on the normal approach is to want a cell coverage if there 
is any so near-constant searching is logical. It is possible to create a 
   auto-conserving mode which turns the GSM on and let it work for some 
time and if there is no serving cell around turn it off for some period 
of time.


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