QtMoko v13

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Thu Oct 1 09:58:55 CEST 2009

i have uploaded new images for QtMoko on debian. It's stable
distribution based on Qtopia and Debian. For more info please check
project homepage


You can download images for NAND and SD card from this location:


and you can see screenshots here:


Changes from previous version:

* Fixed touchscreen stops working after few suspends
* Fix occasionally critical battery even when full charged (Jim Morris)
* Fixed screen unblanking when plugged and full charged (Jim Morris)
* Auto DNS now works for GPRS (Radek Polak)
* Time on main screen by default (Radek Polak)
* Terminal has now correct font by default (Radek Polak)
* Restart QtExtended should be now more correct (Radek Polak)

This is mainly bug fixing release. Rootfs remains the same except qpe.sh
script and kernel and the main reason for the release is touchscreen

It seems that latest andy-tracking kernel makes touchscreen not working
after a few suspend/resumes cycles. I have seen this a few times and it
was also reported on mailing list.

I think the problem is in latest touchscreen related commits. I will
report this on kernel mailing list.

In v13 we now use now kernel before latest touchscreen changes were made
so hopefully the touchscreen will now work as expected.

Besides this we have more battery bug fixes thanks to Jim Morris so
maybe battery is now bug free? ;)

GPRS is now more simple to setup (APN, user name and password should be

So enjoy and thanks to everybody helped with this release



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