tangogps 0.9.7 release

Thomas Zimmermann zimmermann at vdm-design.de
Thu Oct 1 11:49:51 CEST 2009

Am Montag 21 September 2009 18:43:37 schrieb Marcus Bauer:
> Heya out there!
> First of all thanks for the many positive emails I got over the last
> months, motivating me to bring a new release of tangoGPS to the coolest
> open hardware gadget on earth - the openmoko phone.
> The new features include:
>  * overzoom until level 20
>  * upscaling of missing tiles
>  * a map scale indicator
>  * overhauled "this point" function
>    - easy measuring of distances and ways
>    - display of bearing = useful for navigation
>  * friend function simplified and you can now add a message
>    to your position
> As always, it runs well on your laptop/netbook too. The full release
> announcement is here:
>  http://www.tangogps.org/gps/cat/News
> I am currently looking for cool stories/photos/blog entries for
> featuring on the website. Thus send me your stories, pictures or links
> - be it on the Freerunner or any other device.
> Have fun!
> Marcus

i tried tangogps 0.9.7 on SHR today and it segfaults on zooming. So i assume 
that the runtimedepencies changed. Can you announce the runtimedepencies for 
I installed all depencies mentioned in the debian lenny package:
libatk-1.0-0 (1.20.0-r0) 
libcairo2 (1.8.0-r0)
libcurl4 (7.18.2-r1)
libexif12 (0.6.17-r0)
gconf-dbus (2.16.0+svnr641-r0)
libglib-2.0-0 (2.18.3-r1)
gtk+ (2.14.2-r1)
pango (1.22.0-r2)
libsqlite3-0 (3.6.5-r0)
libc6 (2.6.1-r16)
But it still segfaults, plz help :)


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